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Legal Malpractice

Legal Malpractice Attorneys

Has your lawyer committed legal malpractice?

Sometimes lawyers make mistakes. If your lawyer’s conduct was careless, improper or negligent, then you may need the help of a legal malpractice attorney.

What are the elements of a legal malpractice case?

Simply stated, to prove legal malpractice, a legal malpractice lawyer must prove at least the following:

  • An attorney-client relationship existed
  • The lawyer breached the duty(s)he owed to the client
  • The lawyer’s wrongdoing harmed the client

What types of legal malpractice cases does Goren, Goren & Harris take?

Because of the nature of legal malpractice cases, our threshold is $100,000. That is to say, the value of your lawyer’s error should meet or exceed this amount. Examples of possible errors include:

  • Letting your statute of limitations expire or otherwise missing an important deadline
  • Tax consequences from failing to take appropriate action
  • Your lawyer’s mistake must have cost you money (the result would have been different if not for the mistake)

What types of legal malpractice cases does Goren, Goren & Harris NOT take?

Our legal malpractice lawyers do not handle the following types of cases:

  • Criminal defense
  • Family law (including divorce and child custody)
  • Your lawyer performed poorly at trial
  • Your lawyer settled for too little
  • The value of the error is below $100,000
  • Your lawyer is still handling your matter

Where do you practice?

We are licensed in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey and we co-counsel with legal malpractice attorneys throughout the country to serve clients nationwide.

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