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key legal issues of complex regional pain syndrome reflex sympathetic dystrophy

Key Legal Issues in CRPS/RSD Lawsuits

Issues that are central to an RSD/CRPS lawsuit include:

  • Was the CRPS caused by an injury, like a car accident, that can give rise to a lawsuit?
  • Was the CRPS caused by an unnecessary surgery?
  • Was an injection given in the wrong place or did an IV infiltration go unnoticed for too long?

Resolution of these key questions about CRPS may require the careful review of medical records by one or more qualified specialists. Because CRPS syndrome is such a complex disease, there are numerous different types of experts who can provide assistance. As CRPS lawyers, there are many types of CRPS experts we use. In fact, we keep a database of CRPS experts nationwide.

*Note: CRPS resulting from surgery is a recognized complication of surgery and not necessarily a sign of surgical malpractice. We hear from many people who have a bad surgical result with CRPS as an outcome after carpal tunnel surgery, knee surgery, back surgery, surgery for a fracture, etc. The bad result from surgery is generally not an indication of malpractice by the surgeon. We will not review cases if the only reason for believing malpractice occurred is the CRPS resulting after surgery.

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