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June 2014

$395,000 award for a Michigan No-Fault (PIP) benefits claim for 24 hours of attendant care due to injuries involving RSD arising from a car accident.

$350,000 settlement for a medical malpractice case involving a minor for failure to diagnose a dislocated joint after the child fell.  The child required several surgeries, has permanent scarring and has some limits to the range of motion in her elbow.

May 2014

$1.25 million arbitration award for a fatal motorcycle accident, where liability was disputed and the decedent was not wearing a helmet.

$335,000 settlement for a premises liability matter involving a minor who suffered injuries requiring multiple surgeries while riding his bike on a defective sidewalk at an apartment complex in Pontiac, Michigan.

April 2014

$300,000 settlement for severe injuries arising from a car crashing into an unlit trailer parked on the side of the road.

$250,000 settlement for policy limits for a head-on accident in Kentwood, Michigan for injuries including a heart attack and multiple broken bones and surgeries.

$135,000 bodily injury settlement for a knee fracture that required surgery that arose from an auto accident in Bloomfield Township, Michigan.

$118,000 settlement for past-due Michigan No-Fault (PIP) benefits for lost wages, attendant care and replacement services arising from a motorcycle accident in Detroit, Michigan.

March 2014

$225,000 award for a slip and fall case against a hospital for allowing water to leak into the hospital hallway causing the client to slip (but not fall).  The hotly disputed claim was that the slip was one of the causes of the client’s need for an artificial hip.

$125,000 settlement for a traumatic brain injury (TBI) from car accident involving a drunk driver in Warren, Michigan.

$100,000 settlement for an ATV accident in northern Michigan that resulted in severe injuries, including RSD, internal bleeding and multiple fractures.

January  2014

$350,000 settlement for a medical negligence case, where the client suffered a broken foot causing RSD while undergoing physical therapy.

December 2013

$800,000 settlement for an injury to the median nerve causing RSD in the client’s arm after a slip and fall on water in Ohio.

$398,000 for a medical negligence case for failure to timely diagnose C. difficile. The client now requires a permanent colostomy bag and is required to reside in a skilled nursing home.

$100,000 case evaluation award for a woman who had pre-existing injuries with prior back surgeries involved in a minor rear-end accident in Saginaw County, Michigan.

November 2013

$325,000 uninsured motorist settlement for policy limits for spinal cord injuries causing quadriplegia from an auto accident involving a drunk driver.