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What is RSD case worth?

How much is my RSD case worth?

Valuing an RSD case is difficult and depends on many factors, including the severity of the RSD, the law in the state where the injury occurred (some states have caps on the amount of damages that can be awarded in malpractice and other kinds of injury cases), and how significant the economic damages are. Also, it is important to evaluate how likely it is that our client will win the case, and what the client’s doctor will say when asked if the injury is permanent, painful and disabling. Also, a case is never worth more than the Defendant can pay. If the case is against an individual only, the value of the case may be limited by the size of the insurance policy.

Listed below are a few actual settlements and verdicts achieved for previous RSD clients:

$2.73 MILLION     for RSD caused by a misplaced injection
$1.9 MILLION     for RSD to hand from a fall at a store
$1.30 MILLION     for RSD despite disputed liability

Please note: Because each case is unique and the outcome of a case is dependent on many factors, your case outcome may be different than those we have listed. These examples do not constitute a guarantee of any recovery you might have in a personal injury claim.

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