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Class Action

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What is a Class Action?

A class action lawsuit is a form of litigation in which a group of people collectively bring a claim against a common defendant or class of defendants.  Typically, the individuals bringing the claim, the “class of plaintiffs”, have suffered similar physical or economic damages as a result of the actions, policies, or product defects involving the Defendant.  By combining all of these individuals’ complaints into a group, or “class suit”, individual plaintiffs who otherwise might not be able to afford their own representation or who have only suffered a small amount of damages are able to seek compensation by way of a collective lawsuit.

Common Types of Class Actions

Seeking Representation in a Class Action?

Steven Goren has handled numerous class actions, has lectured lawyers on class actions and helped author the National Association of Consumer Advocates’ Standards and Guidelines for Litigating and Settling Consumer Class Actions.

A good case involves a business that is well established and won’t disappear or declare bankruptcy as soon as a lawsuit is filed. Ideally, many consumers will have suffered the same loss, even if no one consumer has suffered a great harm. There are many factors that must be examined in deciding whether to bring a class action. Examples of possible cases include using the word “free” without disclosing in the ad all the terms and conditions (the cellular phone companies regularly violate this law), unauthorized fees (e.g. a mortgage company making you pay to find out the payoff amount, or to record the mortgage release), and unfair or hidden charges for using a service (if you have paid for a 900 call to a psychic, we would like to hear from you – you probably have a case).

At Goren, Goren & Harris, we are here to help the victims of deceptive or unfair business practices. We do not get paid unless you do – and we force the business to pay our legal fee. The types of class actions we’ve represented include:

Do you feel cheated? Were lots of other people cheated in the same way?

If you or someone you love has been a victim of a defective product, or an unfair method of doing business, contact our Class Action Lawyers today for a free consultation. We want to help.