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Our skilled attorneys have represented clients in a broad range of law practice areas. We’ve helped hundreds of people and won millions of dollars on their behalf. Below, you can quickly connect to information on our law firm’s practice areas:

  • Personal Injury
  • Medical or Legal Malpractice
  • Class Actions
  • Insurance Claims
  • Whistleblower Qui Tam Law
  • Other Injuries

Personal Injury Back to Top

Take a look at our personal injury practice area. Our respected firm has achieved record-breaking jury verdicts and settlements. We’ve helped an extensive list of deserving clients who have suffered serious injuries – from burns to paralysis. We advocate for victims impacted by:

You can be confident in our experience, credentials and compassion. Our legal teams understand the complex issues surrounding a catastrophic injury or death, which can destroy quality of life for those suffering or left behind.


Medical or Legal Malpractice Back to Top

Malpractice means negligence by a professional, and our firm is experienced in many areas of medical malpractice. We are in a select group of attorneys who have repeatedly obtained malpractice recoveries exceeding a MILLION DOLLARS. In this legal practice area, we hold the record for the largest verdict in Lapeer County, Michigan. We’ve also gained substantial recoveries for the victims of cerebral palsy, meningitis, breast cancer, bone fractures, infections, heart attacks, emergency room mishaps and other tragedies.

In a malpractice lawsuit, a doctor or hospital can be sued for conduct that causes injury to a patient. Lawyers can commit legal malpractice if they neglect their professional duties. See the categories below to learn more.

Goren, Goren & Harris has the resources and experience to meet these malpractice challenges successfully. We are licensed for this legal practice area in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey, while serving as co-counsel nationwide. Warning: Victims have a limited time period to bring a lawsuit after malpractice.


Class Actions Back to Top

Class actions are lawsuits where one person suffers a minor loss but takes legal action on behalf of a larger group of individuals who may have also suffered. Attorney Steven Goren has handled numerous class actions, lectured lawyers on these cases, and helped to write legal guidelines for consumer class action trials and settlements. He has pursued claims involving:

Insurance Claims Back to Top

If you don’t understand your legal rights or become intimidated, you may say or sign something that gives the insurance company an unfair advantage. Our firm has years of experience dealing with unscrupulous tactics that lead to less compensation for the victim. Don’t face a huge insurance company alone. Goren, Goren & Harris will doggedly handle the legal issues regarding:

Whistleblower Qui Tam Law Back to Top

Are you aware of fraud against the U.S. government at your company or university? Do you know of fraud occurring at another business or educational institution? You may be entitled to a reward of 15% to 30% of the total amount of the fraudulent billings recovered by the government. Learn more about whistle blower laws now.


Other Injuries Back to Top

All types of injuries bring on pain and suffering that can be temporary or lasting. That’s why we secure compensation for people with a range of injuries, varying in severity. Our firm represents victims from all walks of life. We have a real awareness of the physical and emotional problems resulting from:

You can trust our experience in each of our attorney practice areas. Remember, there are No Fees unless we win.

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